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Winter Checks For Your Car

Every year, the rate of accidents on UK roads rises in winter. This is because the cold temperatures, icy conditions and early darkness create extra hazards that aren’t as prevalent in the warmer months. This article is going to give you some tips for staying safe when driving this winter.


How To Prepare Your Car For Winter

car stuck in snow

Winter Tyre Checks

Icy roads are one of the biggest causes of major traffic accidents. Ensuring your car has suitable tyres is a small adjustment that can have a big impact on your road safety.

Check existing tyresWe highly recommend performing comprehensive checks on your tyres. This can be done either yourself or by professionals at a vehicle servicing centre. Tyres should be checked for wear and tear, and the tread depth should be measured. Tyres with a tread depth of less than 3mm won’t provide a suitable grip, and you should consider using winter tyres instead.

Obtain winter tyresWinter tyres have been specially constructed to combat the winter roads. They work by greatly improving grip ability, meaning your vehicle is much less likely to slide or lose control. Winter tyres can be easily and professionally fitted at a vehicle servicing centre.


Winter Car Battery Checks

Many people are aware that a car battery will struggle to turn over in the cold climate — and this is certainly an issue —  however, a lesser known truth is that the cold temperatures can actually drain power stored in their batteries. We recommend having your battery checked and replaced if necessary — the last thing you want is to be trapped in the cold because your car battery won’t start.



Antifreeze helps to prevent the engine’s cooling system from freezing. Having a frozen cooling system can be highly detrimental to the car, causing it to overheat and risking serious damage to the car’s internals. To prevent this from happening, check your antifreeze levels; your car’s coolant should be a mix of equal part water and antifreeze.

frozen glass

Wiper blades

Frozen water can damage your car externally as well as internally. Frozen moisture on the windscreen can impede your view when driving, but can also be tough to push away by feeble wiper blades. Ensure your wiper blades are in top condition so that they don’t get damaged or break off due to persistent ice.



Winter means shorter days and longer nights. Suddenly, you’re leaving work at 5pm and the sky is pitch black. Prolonged nights means that visibility is going to be impaired for longer periods. It’s vitally important that all your lights are working correctly and are in optimal condition so that you can drive with a safe level of visibility.



All of the above can be professionally checked and rectified via expert servicing, such as the servicing available at Oaks Services. This service provides you with a full inspection of your car, perfect for heading into the coldest months of the year. Led by a team of experienced mechanics, your vehicle can be thoroughly checked and advice can be offered to ensure the highest levels of safety this winter — all for an affordable price.


If you wish to learn more about the servicing we offer here at Oaks Services, give our friendly team a call today.