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Which Car Brand is the Most Reliable?

With so many different car models on the market for each brand, it can often be difficult to judge – and compare – car brands as a whole. ‘What Car?’, however, a trusted car review site, has orchestrated a comprehensive survey with 18,284 respondents giving feedback on reliability across 159 models and 31 brands of car. The data received is particularly insightful in determining how reliable a car brand is as a whole. Here at Oaks Services, we’re going to highlight which brands topped the list and will be detailing the probable reasons why those brands outshone the others.


The Most Reliable Cars In Reverse Order:


  1. Kia – 95.8% reliable.

This Asian automobile goliath takes fourth place with a beyond-impressive reliability rating of 95.8%.

Kia’s dedication to reliability has been a large factor in why it ranks so much higher than its competitors. Many other brands have focused this year primarily on technological advancements. These advancements, while impressive, can come at a cost. Many brands that are prioritising innovation and taking leaps into the technological unknown are facing unforeseen reliability issues simply due to the fact that their products have yet to be comprehensively tested.

Kia, on the other hand, has struck a solid balance between technological improvement and reliability. They have kept reliability as their main priority, and this is highlighted none more so than with their seven-year warranty. By implementing this warranty, Kia is keeping reliability at the core of their philosophy.


  1. Toyota – 96.8% reliable

The reliability of Toyota has always been great, but the brand ranks especially high this year thanks to releasing some hugely reliable models. The Toyota IQ and Toyota Prius rank as some of the most reliable cars of the year, embodying Toyota’s dedication to reliability. To ensure Toyota cars are road safe, work well and last a long time, every test model travels a distance equivalent to two-and-a-half times around the world before it reaches the showroom.


  1. Lexus – 97.5% reliable

Perhaps unexpectedly due to Toyota’s high ranking and reliable core, Lexus, Toyota’s luxury brand, ranks number two on the list with a 97.5% reliability rating. As the more affordable brand, you would expect Toyota to have put even more effort into the reliability factor of their Lexus’. Most notably, the engines that are engineered for the Lexus are created particularly to focus on longevity and reliability.


  1. Suzuki – 97.7% reliable

Motoring its way to the number one spot, the Japanese car brand Suzuki may be somewhat lacking in its technology factor, but its reliability factor has only excelled because of it. Suzuki makes well-rounded cars that are both affordable and reliable. Ultimately, Suzuki reigns supreme because it possesses no novelties or risky elements, just high-quality craftsmanship and intelligent engineering.


At Oaks Services, we understand what makes a car reliable. When you come for a servicing from us, we ensure your car is operating to the highest levels, providing you with a smooth and safe drive long into the future. For more information, give our team a call today.