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What’s the Difference Between a Stop-Start Battery & a Normal Battery?

With stop-start batteries becoming increasingly popular, and with more and more manufacturers producing new, low-emission cars, stop and start batteries are fast becoming the norm. But what are stop and start batteries and why are they replacing the ‘normal’ car battery? This month, Oak Services are here to differentiate between both batteries, so you can see the benefits of this new and improved technology. 

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What are stop-start batteries?
Also known as ‘idle stop and go’ and ‘micro-hybrid’, the stop-start battery works to conserve fuel by turning off the engine automatically when a vehicle pauses, for example, when a car stops at a red traffic light.

Normal car batteries simply supply electrical currents to the starter motor, which enables it to turn, whereas, modern stop-start batteries are able to discharge and recharge several times over. What this means is that even when the engine has been brought to a halt and the battery becomes idle, the stop-start battery is still powering the ancillary systems (lights, air conditioning and music). There is also something called the brake regeneration system, which stores energy when the brakes are in use so that it can be reused later. 

There are two types of stop-start batteries, ECM and AGM

  • ECM Batteries – Enhanced Cyclic Mat batteries are designed to meet the requirements of standard stop-start cars, enabling them to benefit from improved performance, extended battery life and the ability to deal with higher cyclic demand. ECM batteries reduce CO2 emissions by 6% – which compared to your ‘normal car batteries’ are 6% more efficient when it comes to fuel consumption too. ECM batteries can deal with higher electrical loads from ancillary systems  – even when the car has paused.

    ECM batteries have to be replaced with another ECM battery or your other alternative stop-start battery, the AGM car battery. ‘Normal car batteries are not to replace stop-start ones.

  • AGM Batteries – Absorbent Glass Mat car batteries are created for bigger and more demanding stop-start automobiles that have more complex built-in technology than the typical entry-level vehicle. These are created to lower fuel consumption. Typically, your AGM battery is 8% more fuel-efficient and reduces your CO2 output by 8% also.

    Similar to ECM batteries, AGM batteries must be replaced with like-for-like batteries. 

Why are stop and start batteries becoming popular?
Stop and start batteries are being used because of their ability to reduce CO2 emissions – which vehicles create a lot of – and so, this car battery update is an attempt to make our cars more environmentally friendly.

Which manufacturers are advocates of start-stop batteries?
Manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Fiat and Volkswagen are promoting the use of this new stop-start technology – with over 15 million cars in Europe running on these systems to date. 

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