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How To Prepare Your Car For Summer

The UK must get ready for scorching hot summers in the future and part of the preparations should involve how we prepare our vehicles for the heat. UV radiation, evaporation of fluids and stuffy cabins are just some of the side effects of sunshine that need to be dealt with swiftly. In this article, Oaks Services bring you our top tips on preparing your car for the summer.

Top Up Automotive Fluids

Major fluids need to be checked especially before a long road trip and especially if that road trip is to somewhere rural. Nobody likes driving in the Scottish highlands with an oil warning lamp lighting up the dash! Check the oil level, brake fluid, coolant, power steering fluid and wiper fluid and top up as necessary, keeping in mind any minimum and maximum fill levels.


Check the Battery

The battery should be free from any green or blue coloured corrosive build up. It can be easily removed with a wire brush but it all likelihood this is a symptom of a larger problem. Battery replacements are relatively cheap if booked in advance with your trusted mechanic.


Test the Air Con

You’ll know soon enough if your air con isn’t working correctly. If it takes a long time to notice any temperature difference, then you’ll need an air conditioning re-gassing. Otherwise known as a recharge, an air con re-gas will not cost much but will drastically improve the performance of your automotive air con. Over time the refrigerant in the system may leak out from the cylinder. This will need topping up to boost your air con back to full health.


Protect the Paint

In summer, it’s more likely for your paint to take a hammering! Sap from trees is car paint kryptonite if left uncleaned and bird droppings, dust and dry leaves are likely to minutely scratch and corrode the layers of paint on your car. The best way is to wash your car weekly, or as and when it becomes noticeably dirty or contaminated with a corrosive organic material.


Check Tyre Pressures

The easiest way to check tyre pressure is with a tyre pressure gauge or simply plug in your electric tyre pump and discover the PSI reading on the digital screen. Next, you’ll need to find out the tyres’ recommended pressures and adjust accordingly. This can also be done easily at every quality petrol station with an air and water facility.


Install New Wiper Blades

Windscreens may get a bashing during winter but generally, they are cleaned by the moist climate. In summer is where a windscreen is really tested; dust, leaves, sap and much more takes its toll on the windscreen and subsequently the wiper blades. They may become dry and cracked, or in extreme cases sticky to the touch. It’s high time, therefore, to install some slick new ones in time for the likely heatwaves.

Extra tip: Carry summer-specific items in your boot. Sun cream, windshield sunshades, water and sunglasses, as well as your typical first aid kit are just some of the essentials you should consider packing.

If your vehicle is in need of servicing or repairs, Oaks Services can help. Our family-run business provides top quality services from fully trained mechanics that you can rely on. For brake, clutch, exhaust repairs and much more, including MOT testing, look no further. For more information about any of our services, contact us today. We’re always happy to help.