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Why Are My Car Brakes Squeaking?

rusty car brake block

Squeaky car brakes may indicate a fault in your braking system. It’s important to recognise when unconventional noises are perfectly normal or when they’re a cause for concern. This article will detail why braking systems make unusual noises and how the problem can be fixed. What causes car brakes to squeak? Worn brake pad material… Continue Reading »

How to Identify a Slow Puncture?

stack of black car tyres with slow punctures

Most of us could instantly recognise if our tyre gains a puncture; the tyre instantly deflates, the pressure is rapidly lost and the quality of driving declines. A slow puncture, however, may not exhibit these problems immediately, but could still be compromising your vehicle significantly. In this article, we’re going to discuss what a slow… Continue Reading »

Engine Coolant: A Comprehensive Guide

car engine

Amongst the many containers, dipsticks and liquids found in the bonnet of your car will be the engine coolant. Though we all know to keep this liquid filled between the min and max lines, many people remain unaware of exactly what coolant is and what function it provides. Coolant is actually extremely important to the… Continue Reading »

How to Find the Correct Tyre Pressure For Your Car

how to find correct tyre pressure

Checking tyre pressure should become part of everyone’s general car maintenance routine. Under/overinflated tyres will skew your vehicle’s equilibrium, leading to a hampered driving experience. In this article, we’re going to tell you where to find the correct tyre pressure for your car, and the issues you could face if you fail to inflate them… Continue Reading »

How To Get Out Of A Speeding Ticket In The UK

how to not pay speeding ticket

If you’ve been unfortunate enough to get a speeding ticket, then you’ll be wondering how you can limit the amount of damage to your licence and bank account. There are a few ways the police can decide to punish you for your offence, some harsher than others, depending on your speed and how many times… Continue Reading »

What is a Car Battery’s Voltage Range?

what is a car battery voltage range

All cars have a battery, the majority of which are 12V but they must be charged at a higher voltage. It’s crucial to test your battery when it begins to show signs of weakness, to avoid unexpected breakdowns and higher costs in the long run. Symptoms of a weakening battery include a slower startup, dimming… Continue Reading »

What Is A Car Alternator?

An alternator is a generator of electrical power which works alongside the battery. The alternator alerts when the car is in motion and uses the car’s mechanical energy to create electrical power for the car systems. The alternator is around the size of a pint glass and has vents around the main body of the… Continue Reading »

Different Types Of Car Servicing

car servicing types

Although a car service is not a legal requirement, it is highly recommended by many car manufacturers to save money. By servicing your car, problems are likely to be caught early on when they are cheaper to fix, giving your car a better resale value and a longer life. Servicing your car also maintains the… Continue Reading »

The Best British-Made Cars You Can Buy

best British cars to buy

Britain is renowned for its history of car manufacturing, having made claim to many successful car brands over the years. Although in recent years fewer cars are being produced in the UK, British-manufactured cars still rank highly among the international market. Here are the best British cars you can buy right now – and why… Continue Reading »

How Could Brexit Affect Local Car Garages

There’s been much talk over the past two years about how Brexit will impact the political landscape of the UK, but little has been covered about the impact on many of the tens of thousands of small, local businesses that operate throughout our neighbourhoods. Many of these businesses are already struggling to stay afloat in… Continue Reading »