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MOT Changes in May 2018: What the Changes Are and What They Mean for Drivers

In May 2018 the UK government plans to implement changes to the current MOT test. Most of the changes are regarding the use and roadworthiness of ‘historically interesting’ classic cars, and they’re not what the automotive world was expecting. The changes are designed to make owning a classic car easier for enthusiasts.
Further changes are being considered that would alter the age at which a new car takes its first MOT. The Driver Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) are still reviewing a consultation paper as of February 2018. Read on to find out how the changes could affect you.

MOT Changes May 2018

Good news for classic car owners

Currently owners of cars registered after 1960 must acquire an annual MOT test certificate in order to drive that car on the road. From May 2018, the government is proposing that cars over 40 years old (first registered in 1978) will no longer be required to have a current MOT certificate.
Furthermore, the age of eligible cars would continue on a rolling basis, meaning that in 2019 cars first registered in 1979 will no longer need an MOT test. The government believes the changes reflect the fact that older cars are well maintained voluntarily by owners who are enthusiasts. Also, older cars make fewer journeys of a shorter average duration.

Bad news for the safety conscious

There are currently 197,000 vehicles on the road that don’t require a valid MOT certificate. By altering the year that an MOT becomes unnecessary, this number increases by a further 293,000 and totals 490,000 cars. That represents 1% of all cars in Britain driving around without an MOT.

Changes to new car MOTs

The government are proposing to change the age at which a new car is put through its first MOT. They propose to increase that time from 3 to 4 years. A majority of road safety campaigners are against the move, as statics show this would increase the number of unroadworthy vehicles on our roads by 385,000 vehicles.

According to the government’s own statistics, 1 in 6 cars that are 3 years old fail their first MOT. Most fail due to the lack of maintenance by the owners or a failure to have the cars taken for a check up and service. Common failures include brakes, lights and tyres, which are mostly avoidable issues.


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