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How To Tell If You Need A New Clutch

Modern vehicles are highly reliable and if cared for, they will last for years at a time with little or no additional maintenance. Unfortunately, the chances are nonetheless high that you could encounter problems from time to time. One common issue involves the mechanical failure of a clutch. In order to avoid causing even more damage, it is important to be able to spot some of the most common warning signs. Let’s quickly list a handful of signals that could indicate a worn-out or otherwise faulty clutch.


Signs That You Need a New Clutch:



This is arguably the most common and noticeable symptom of clutch issues. When the clutch pedal is fully out, there should be no mechanical slippage taking place. However, you might hear your engine accelerating or you could notice an increase in your RPM’s for no apparent reason. Keep in mind that this issue will only get worse with time, so addressing it promptly is the best way to avoid more costly repairs.

Strong Vibrations

Sometimes referred to as “clutch judder”, this situation involves strong vibrations when the clutch is initially engaged (such as when pulling out of your driveway). In most cases, some type of fluid such as oil has leaked into the gears. This will cause them to lose their grip. However, flywheels that have slowly degraded over time can result in such vibrations. If you notice that these seem to be occurring on a more frequent basis than in the past, always be sure to schedule an appointment at your local garage.

A Sticking Clutch

This is another common issue with older models and it can be the result of a number of unique situations. These include:

  • A clutch cable that has stretched and become loose
  • A master clutch cylinder that may be leaking
  • Air that has somehow entered into the hydraulic line
  • Linkage that has not been properly adjusted

As we can see, many of these causes are not actually found in the clutch itself. They are still associated with damage over time, so be sure to have them examined by a trained professional.

Problems When Shifting Between Gears

Normally, you should be able to change gears smoothly and without any type of hesitation. If you notice that this has become increasingly difficult to accomplish, there could be an issue with the linkage of the clutch mechanism. This tends to be a self-propagating issue, as any type of slippage will cause more mechanical wear and tear if it is not dealt with promptly. Still, difficulty shifting could indicate another internal problem. This is why obtaining a proper diagnosis is key.
The clutch of a vehicle is one of its most important components and it is important to keep an eye out for even small problems. The good news is that a trained mechanic will have your car up and running in no time at all. Spotting even the tiniest of issues as early as possible can make all the difference.

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