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How to Identify a Slow Puncture?

stack of black car tyres with slow punctures

Most of us could instantly recognise if our tyre gains a puncture; the tyre instantly deflates, the pressure is rapidly lost and the quality of driving declines. A slow puncture, however, may not exhibit these problems immediately, but could still be compromising your vehicle significantly. In this article, we’re going to discuss what a slow… Continue Reading »

Car maintenance: How to check your tyre depth

Along with checking your oil level, the functioning of your lights and topping up the screen wash, there’s another quick and simple check you can make to your car that could save you thousands of pounds and will keep you safe on the road. Checking your tyre’s tread depth is the best way to avoid… Continue Reading »

Should I Change to Winter Tyres in the UK?

Winter might be a couple of months away yet, but it’s always best to prepare in advance when it comes to getting your car ready to tackle the winter roads. A common question every winter here in the UK is whether or not it’s worth investing in a set of winter tyres. This month, we’re… Continue Reading »

The Advantages of Winter Tyres

With a snow-filled month upon us, now is the time to be considering the best options to keep your car safe and driveable this winter. One of the best ways to safeguard both you, your passengers and your vehicle from the potential hazards this cold weather causes for road-users is to invest in a quality… Continue Reading »