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How to Find the Correct Tyre Pressure For Your Car

how to find correct tyre pressure

Checking tyre pressure should become part of everyone’s general car maintenance routine. Under/overinflated tyres will skew your vehicle’s equilibrium, leading to a hampered driving experience. In this article, we’re going to tell you where to find the correct tyre pressure for your car, and the issues you could face if you fail to inflate them… Continue Reading »

Choosing the right tyre type for your needs

  There are as many types of road as there are types of tyre. To get the most out of your choice of tyre, take into consideration the car you drive, where you do most of your driving and the weather conditions where you live. Tailoring your choice using these criteria will bag you a… Continue Reading »

Tyre sizes: How to read them and what do they mean?

The string of numbers and letters on a tyre sidewall are easy to decode with a little explanation. Known as sidewall markings, the information tells tyre technicians the size, type and performance of a tyre so it can be matched to a suitable vehicle. The example below is taken from a tyre that would be… Continue Reading »