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What Motorists Need to Know During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Coronavirus outbreak has made the world question a number of things that we otherwise wouldn’t have given a second thought, in particular, we’ve heard a lot of noise regarding ‘what do motorists need to know during COVID? This month, Oak Services will be clearing up this grey area, to ensure us motorists know what… Continue Reading »

Top motoring events to visit in summer 2017

Petrolheads have a wealth of car shows to choose from this year, with everything from the latest offerings to antique ‘motorcars’ and motorsport to motorcycles, you’ll not miss out whichever event you choose. Here are Oaks Services’ best picks for 2017. Formula 1 British Grand Prix Silverstone, 14-16 July Let’s start with the daddy of… Continue Reading »

Android Auto Now Available in All Cars

  With so much of our daily routines embedded in our phones, it stands to reason that an all-in-one app dedicated to creating a safe and seamless driving experience should be celebrated. Google’s Android Auto has been around for a couple of years now, but it has only recently been made available to anybody with… Continue Reading »

Diesel Cars vs Hybrids: Which is Best?

Now more than ever we have a wide choice when it comes to deciding what new car to buy. With improvements in technology and the renewed focus on efficiency, the market has really opened up in recent years. Although hybrid technology has been around since 2000 in the UK, a large number of people will… Continue Reading »

Satisfaction Survey Dominated by Electric Cars

This year’s Driver Power survey – run by Auto Express – has been published, and it reveals some fascinating results, potentially signalling the future of the automotive industry. The survey is unique in that votes are taken not from industry professionals, but car owners themselves. That means there is a wide range of tastes, likes,… Continue Reading »

Appealing Parking Fines Becomes Easier

For motorists, being unfairly penalised is quite possibly one of the biggest irritants, and can actually be a really stressful experience. With this in mind, this month, Oaks Services are bringing you a story of interest for motorists across the UK: new online systems are being rolled out across the country this year that will… Continue Reading »

Auto Industry Wants Better Roads Rather Than Stricter Regulations

Oaks Services always endeavour to keep up to date with any news or changes in legislation that affect the motor industry. It is with this in mind that we bring you news of a proposal put forward by the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) to improve road surfaces and increase the use of biofuels as… Continue Reading »

Breaking the Limit with Google’s Driverless Cars

Last month, we looked into the announcement by technology giant Google that it was to start building its own driverless cars, outlining its vision for a futuristic method of tackling safe driving and traffic management. The cars were initially introduced for “learning, not luxury”, meaning they weren’t intended as playthings for the wealthy; more as… Continue Reading »

Surrey Areas to Impose new Parking Restrictions

With more and more cars joining our already congested roads each year, local councils are forever coming up with new initiatives in order to make life less taxing for drivers and pedestrians alike. Parking is one common area that causes issues – especially in more populated towns and cities where available spots are at a… Continue Reading »

Toyotal Recall: Car Firm Takes Back Faulty Vehicles

With all the complex technical components and load-bearing elements found in modern day cars, it’s no surprise that sometimes things go wrong. When faults do occur, rectifying them is often as simple as taking your car to professional mechanics, such as the team at Oaks Services. However, what do you do when the issues with… Continue Reading »