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Engine Coolant: A Comprehensive Guide

car engine

Amongst the many containers, dipsticks and liquids found in the bonnet of your car will be the engine coolant. Though we all know to keep this liquid filled between the min and max lines, many people remain unaware of exactly what coolant is and what function it provides. Coolant is actually extremely important to the… Continue Reading »

How to Find the Correct Tyre Pressure For Your Car

how to find correct tyre pressure

Checking tyre pressure should become part of everyone’s general car maintenance routine. Under/overinflated tyres will skew your vehicle’s equilibrium, leading to a hampered driving experience. In this article, we’re going to tell you where to find the correct tyre pressure for your car, and the issues you could face if you fail to inflate them… Continue Reading »

What is a Car Battery’s Voltage Range?

what is a car battery voltage range

All cars have a battery, the majority of which are 12V but they must be charged at a higher voltage. It’s crucial to test your battery when it begins to show signs of weakness, to avoid unexpected breakdowns and higher costs in the long run. Symptoms of a weakening battery include a slower startup, dimming… Continue Reading »

What Is A Car Alternator?

An alternator is a generator of electrical power which works alongside the battery. The alternator alerts when the car is in motion and uses the car’s mechanical energy to create electrical power for the car systems. The alternator is around the size of a pint glass and has vents around the main body of the… Continue Reading »

How To Tell If You Need A New Clutch

4 signs that you need a new clutch

Modern vehicles are highly reliable and if cared for, they will last for years at a time with little or no additional maintenance. Unfortunately, the chances are nonetheless high that you could encounter problems from time to time. One common issue involves the mechanical failure of a clutch. In order to avoid causing even more… Continue Reading »

4 Signs That Your Gearbox is Failing

How To Know Your Gearbox is Broken

A car without a gearbox is like a bull without horns – lots of power but no way to turn that power into poke. Technically speaking, the gearbox converts power from the engine into the appropriate amount of rotational energy and torque to drive your vehicle’s wheels. It’s a bit like a set of gear… Continue Reading »

Understanding the importance of engine oil changes

Here at Oaks Services, we maintain and service cars to keep them cost-effective, efficient and roadworthy. We use many methods to achieve this and some of them can be complicated, but we like our customers to know exactly why and how we maintain their vehicles. This week we will cover the importance of engine oil… Continue Reading »

Preparing Your Car for Your Christmas Travels

We’re quickly approaching the coldest time of the year, and while the festive season brings plenty of reason to celebrate, the cold weather and extreme conditions can make any car journey much more hazardous, even in familiar territory. Whether you’re out shopping for presents or heading further afield to visit relatives, it’s a good idea… Continue Reading »

Trust Your Local Garage

Large, chain garages are becoming more and more common across the UK, with many motorists preferring to frequent a garage with a well-recognised name rather than their local garage. While it may seem like chain garages will provide a better service or more qualified mechanics, this is not the case. Local garages are often a… Continue Reading »

Why do Cars Fail Their MOTs?

Surprisingly, whether it’s from damage sustained over three years of hard driving, or for silly and easily avoided reasons, many cars fail their initial MOT. Proposed plans to increase the time before the first MOT test from three years to four years will invariably lead to an increased number of vehicles failing, so we’ve compiled… Continue Reading »