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How Could Brexit Affect Local Car Garages

There’s been much talk over the past two years about how Brexit will impact the political landscape of the UK, but little has been covered about the impact on many of the tens of thousands of small, local businesses that operate throughout our neighbourhoods. Many of these businesses are already struggling to stay afloat in… Continue Reading »

MOT Changes in May 2018: What the Changes Are and What They Mean for Drivers

In May 2018 the UK government plans to implement changes to the current MOT test. Most of the changes are regarding the use and roadworthiness of ‘historically interesting’ classic cars, and they’re not what the automotive world was expecting. The changes are designed to make owning a classic car easier for enthusiasts. Further changes are… Continue Reading »

Volvo’s Electric Car Pledge and the Effects on the Car Industry

Swedish car maker Volvo recently announced that it will only sell 100% electric and hybrid cars by 2019, and the news has prompted a slew of announcements from other companies and even whole countries. Here are the key facts and headlines. Firstly, the facts and figures that tell you why Volvo’s announcement is so important.… Continue Reading »

Electric Vehicle MOTs: What You Need to Know

The popularity of electric vehicles is rising more and more each year, and there are a significant number of electric cars on the UK roads already. Like any other car, electric cars require a regular MOT test to examine the general roadworthiness of the vehicle, as well as the condition and performance of all of… Continue Reading »

Android Auto Now Available in All Cars

  With so much of our daily routines embedded in our phones, it stands to reason that an all-in-one app dedicated to creating a safe and seamless driving experience should be celebrated. Google’s Android Auto has been around for a couple of years now, but it has only recently been made available to anybody with… Continue Reading »

Diesel Cars vs Hybrids: Which is Best?

Now more than ever we have a wide choice when it comes to deciding what new car to buy. With improvements in technology and the renewed focus on efficiency, the market has really opened up in recent years. Although hybrid technology has been around since 2000 in the UK, a large number of people will… Continue Reading »

Is Now the Time to Change to Electric?

Last month we looked at the success of electric cars in the Auto Express driver power survey. So we thought this month we needed to see if this really is the time to make the switch to electric vehicles. It seems as time goes on there are more and more reasons to start casting a… Continue Reading »

Satisfaction Survey Dominated by Electric Cars

This year’s Driver Power survey – run by Auto Express – has been published, and it reveals some fascinating results, potentially signalling the future of the automotive industry. The survey is unique in that votes are taken not from industry professionals, but car owners themselves. That means there is a wide range of tastes, likes,… Continue Reading »

Auto Industry Wants Better Roads Rather Than Stricter Regulations

Oaks Services always endeavour to keep up to date with any news or changes in legislation that affect the motor industry. It is with this in mind that we bring you news of a proposal put forward by the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) to improve road surfaces and increase the use of biofuels as… Continue Reading »

Trust Your Local Garage

Large, chain garages are becoming more and more common across the UK, with many motorists preferring to frequent a garage with a well-recognised name rather than their local garage. While it may seem like chain garages will provide a better service or more qualified mechanics, this is not the case. Local garages are often a… Continue Reading »