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Economical Driving

What’s the Difference Between a Stop-Start Battery & a Normal Battery?

With stop-start batteries becoming increasingly popular, and with more and more manufacturers producing new, low-emission cars, stop and start batteries are fast becoming the norm. But what are stop and start batteries and why are they replacing the ‘normal’ car battery? This month, Oak Services are here to differentiate between both batteries, so you can… Continue Reading »

What is a Car Battery’s Voltage Range?

what is a car battery voltage range

All cars have a battery, the majority of which are 12V but they must be charged at a higher voltage. It’s crucial to test your battery when it begins to show signs of weakness, to avoid unexpected breakdowns and higher costs in the long run. Symptoms of a weakening battery include a slower startup, dimming… Continue Reading »

How Economical Driving Could Save you Hundreds of Pounds

It’s easy to pick up bad habits over a lifetime of driving. Fortunately, reducing your car’s impact on the environment and on your wallet is as simple as following the simple tips below. Read on to reduce your average annual fuel bill from £1,399 to as little as £837. Maintain your car   Have your… Continue Reading »