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What is Limp Mode and What Do You Need to Do About It?

When we encounter an issue with our car, we often fear the worst.  If we’re unable to tell what the problem is, it can also be a frightening experience. Particularly if the vehicle won’t pick up speed or change gear.  If your car begins behaving this way, it is likely that limp mode is the… Continue Reading »

How to Maintain Your Car During the Lockdown

With lockdown enforced and thousands of motorists staying at home, the roads have been quieter than usual – but what does this mean for our cars – how can we maintain our car during lockdown? This month, Oaks Services will be advising how best to ensure your car is kept in tip-top condition during this… Continue Reading »

The 5 Best Ways to Avoid Aquaplaning

What is aquaplaning? Also known as hydroplaning, aquaplaning is where water creates a barrier between a vehicle’s tyre and the surface, thus causing said vehicle to lose all traction. This means that braking and steering is significantly impacted, which can lead to collisions. What causes aquaplaning? When heavy rainfall occurs, water can pool on the… Continue Reading »