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Top motoring events to visit in summer 2017

Petrolheads have a wealth of car shows to choose from this year, with everything from the latest offerings to antique ‘motorcars’ and motorsport to motorcycles, you’ll not miss out whichever event you choose. Here are Oaks Services’ best picks for 2017. Formula 1 British Grand Prix Silverstone, 14-16 July Let’s start with the daddy of… Continue Reading »

Choosing the right tyre type for your needs

There are as many types of road as there are types of tyre. To get the most out of your choice of tyre, take into consideration the car you drive, where you do most of your driving and the weather conditions where you live. Tailoring your choice using these criteria will bag you a set… Continue Reading »

Why Do I Need to Keep My MOT Certificate?

Following your MOT, you’ll receive a paper certificate regardless of whether it’s failed or passed. The DVLA store this information electronically, and it is electronically that the police would access your vehicle’s MOT history. It is absolutely essential that you retain your MOT certificate. There are a number of reasons for this, and in this… Continue Reading »

Understanding the importance of engine oil changes

Here at Oaks Services, we maintain and service cars to keep them cost-effective, efficient and roadworthy. We use many methods to achieve this and some of them can be complicated, but we like our customers to know exactly why and how we maintain their vehicles. This week we will cover the importance of engine oil… Continue Reading »

Tyre sizes: How to read them and what do they mean?

The string of numbers and letters on a tyre sidewall are easy to decode with a little explanation. Known as sidewall markings, the information tells tyre technicians the size, type and performance of a tyre so it can be matched to a suitable vehicle. The example below is taken from a tyre that would be… Continue Reading »

Car maintenance: How to check your tyre depth

Along with checking your oil level, the functioning of your lights and topping up the screen wash, there’s another quick and simple check you can make to your car that could save you thousands of pounds and will keep you safe on the road. Checking your tyre’s tread depth is the best way to avoid… Continue Reading »

Electric Vehicle MOTs: What You Need to Know

The popularity of electric vehicles is rising more and more each year, and there are a significant number of electric cars on the UK roads already. Like any other car, electric cars require a regular MOT test to examine the general roadworthiness of the vehicle, as well as the condition and performance of all of… Continue Reading »

Android Auto Now Available in All Cars

  With so much of our daily routines embedded in our phones, it stands to reason that an all-in-one app dedicated to creating a safe and seamless driving experience should be celebrated. Google’s Android Auto has been around for a couple of years now, but it has only recently been made available to anybody with… Continue Reading »

Preparing Your Car for Your Christmas Travels

We’re quickly approaching the coldest time of the year, and while the festive season brings plenty of reason to celebrate, the cold weather and extreme conditions can make any car journey much more hazardous, even in familiar territory. Whether you’re out shopping for presents or heading further afield to visit relatives, it’s a good idea… Continue Reading »

5 Tell-Tale Signs That Your Car Needs New Brake Pads

An important skill for any driver is the ability to recognise when certain components are in need of repair or replacement. This is especially true when it comes to your brakes. Your brakes are a critical safety feature of your vehicle, and driving with brakes that are damaged, worn or showing signs of failure can… Continue Reading »